Tables and Desks

Occasional Tables

One of our favorite requests is a table with the "espresso" finish in vogue at the famous chain stores. We can certainly give you exactly the look those guys have, and it may be just what your decor calls for, but...for not too much more money we can give you a  genuine wenge wood finish, which is the super-premium wood often used in expensive Italian cabinetry and what all those chain stores are trying to simulate. This table is an example. Wenge is not as uniform in tone and grain so it's not for everyone, but if character and richness appeals to you, let's talk about the options.

Dining Tables

Tables to seat four or fourteen. Choose from many styles and woods, from country French pine to walnut, cherry, or exotic woods.


Verdant Designs offers a range of home desks tailored to writing, computer work, and craft work. Adjustable height desks are available for the option to stand while working, and to provide the ultimate in convenience for users of wheelchairs.

Finishes range from utilitarian laminates to the most exquisite woods. We design desks that provide better looks and functionality than most clients ever imagined.

Shown above is a nearly completed walnut desk in the shop. A retired businessman wanted this as the centerpiece of his study and it features curved panels, a kidney shaped top and ergonomically sized to fit.

Specialty Tables

This podium table was designed for a Buddhist meditation room, according to specific proportions and painted with traditional colors. A glass top provides protection.

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