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Entry Doors






Whether it is the entry to a room or the front door of a home, we build doors of all types of wood with designs as traditional or trendy as you like, with our signature rock-solid construction. Surfaces exposed to the outdoor elements are given the most durable finish available anywhere. Featuring exotic woods, unusual shapes, decorative glass or acrylic panels, premium hardware.

We will custom stain and install stock commercial doors, specializing in unusual applications such as pictured below.

Interior Doors

Although this door is in an office, a similar one could be installed in a home setting. A normal "swing" type door with this appearance can be reproduced. Click photo for video.

Click the photo above for a VIDEO of the door in action.

Garden Doors

This door replaced an existing one that had rotted due to inferior materials and finish. The new door is made of solid cypress wood (teak available) with waterproof glue and a clear varnish that has been tested as, far and away, the best outdoor finish available. Verdant installed the door at the home, and their contractor added decorative iron grating in the window and across the top edge to shed water.

Note: all wood exposed to the elements requires periodic maintenance, including eventual refinishing, and may change appearance or degrade over time. Our construction techniques will afford you the maximum durability that one could expect a wood product to experience in the outdoors. Of course, we also make rustic, unfinished doors and gates that will gracefully weather, if that aesthetic works with your decor.


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