We know CABINETS! Kitchens, Closets, and custom designed Fine Furniture.

Custom Kitchens

Gary will work with your interior designer or contractor on your dream kitchen or simply replace existing cabinets with custom ones. Our ability to work with unconventional designs and premium or unusual materials sets us apart. Most cabinets are factory made, often with materials that don't stand up to water or heavy use. Our cabinets are custom milled. We have all the latest flip up doors, pull-out baskets, organizers, and hardware. Note: we only do kitchens on new construction or unoccupied renovations. All plumbing, electric, and structural work to be done by your contractors.

Pictured above, we inserted translucent decorative panels in existing cabinets to transmit daylight into a dim kitchen. The lower two images show textured copper laminate on the face of a bar, which complements the home's new decor and protects the wall from foot scuffs when people sit on bar stools.

Custom Closets

We build cabinets with all the latest features for your closet. Get organized and display your shoes and clothes in a manner that keeps them nice and easy to find.

Choose from premium hardwoods like cherry, walnut, mahogany, and maple or a painted finish.

Media Cabinets

These twin walnut cabinets were designed to hold the owners audiovisual equipent rack system and his collection of CDs and DVDs. Features custom milled mouldings and doors.

Custom Vanity Cabinet

This original design is made from wenge wood with a water-resistant finish. Details include metal "feet" on the elegantly tapered legs and special racks inside the curved doors. The quilted pattern is not a veneer, but hand applied wenge squares, attached and smoothed with a proprietary process, giving a depth and richness of texture seldom seen. Matching step stool and bath stand were provided for the convenience of the children.

Freestanding cabinets of all types are our specialty. Artistic furniture, armoires, buffets and sideboards, nightstands, chests, etc. We work with the finest woods available.

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