Therapy Equipment: P.T. and O.T.

Our unbeatable features:


  • wide selection customizable to YOUR specifications. Show us a concept and we will build it.



  • super-durable quality construction vs. mass-produced competitors



  • better value than most vendors- get a package quote and compare! 


  • We ship! And in North Florida, we deliver and set up for a minimal fee (free in JAX metro). 


Therapy Stairs: One Sided

Sturdy plywood construction with solid wood tread edges, non-slip tape, clear urethane finish. Railings on both sides and generous sized landing. As shown $1,450 plus applicable tax and shipping.

Therapy Stairs: Two Sided

Similar to above, but upstairs and downstairs for continuous travel. As shown $1,695 plus shipping and applicable tax.

Training and Evaluation Ladder

As shown, ladder size simulates those on railroad cars, but we'll build yours to simulate other scenarios. Call for details. Laminate backing protects wall from shoe damage. Must be used with close supervision and must be mounted to studs or reinforced wall, by qualified installer. As shown $1,225 plus applicable tax and shipping.

Push Sled

Sturdy sled holds weights (not included) and has beefy handles. Unlike most others, we give you the choice: slick plastic runners for use on carpet floors or a carpeted bottom for use on linoleum floors (specify version). As shown $900 plus tax and shipping.

Shoveling Station

For work training, one shovels rubber mulch (latex free) into the rear bins and a spring-loaded lever releases the mulch to fall down to the main platform again. Can simulate a variety of industrial and landscaping tasks. No-slip tape, natural wood finish or laminate colors are available. Shovel included. Far less messy than competitors who use sand! As shown $2,250 plus tax and shipping.

Ballet Bar

Solid hardwood handrail with custom wall brackets stand up to hard use. Must be anchored to wall studs by qualified installer. Don't settle for flimsy DIY kits that may work loose or break after minimal use. Priced by length, please contact us.

Shelf Station

Simulates bookshelf or warehouse stock shelf, subject lifts and places weights on the adjustable shelves. $825.

Tool Box

Wood tool box with hinged lid and latch holds weights (not included) and simulates workplace. $300.

Holds objects or weights. As shown $270.

Wheelchair Cleaning Platform

The platform will support any wheelchair and top is made of super-durable, easily sanitized poly-board, other surfaces are white laminate. The retractable ramp slides easily into the unit for 360° access. As shown, $3,400 plus tax and shipping.  Also available with detachable ramp that rolls away, $2,600 plus tax and shipping.

NOTE: Items delivered in local region require no assembly on your part. Items shipped UPS or Freight Line come partially assembled but may require some assembly on your part.

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