Tables, Desks, Workstations

Adjustable Height Desks

This computer desk is custom shaped to fit the angular niche in a waiting room. Intended for use by all, its height adjusts to fit low wheelchairs or tall persons who choose to stand while working, at the touch of a button. Controllers are available which will recall the preferred height of several users. Ideal for medical facilities or any office wishing to accomodate ADA. Any style top can be built to suit your equipment or appearance needs.

clockwise from top left:

  • Multi-user Control Panel
  • Computer equipment installed
  • Electronic Telescoping Legs
  • UP/DOWN Button (option)

Join the revolution! Many professionals are choosing to stand while working. We make desks that allow you to sit or stand. Adjustment is quick, quiet, and effortless. Choose from utility styles in any color or have us make a "fine furniture" executive desk worthy of any CEO, with all or just a portion of the desk adjustable. Why settle for a factory made laminate desk when you can have one that looks like it came from the finest furniture store in town?

If you use a wheelchair, Verdant will make a desk perfectly tailored to your needs with ergonomic placement of storage and office equipment for maximum convenience.

Conference Tables

Whether it is a round table to seat six or a long table for sixteen, we will produce a rock solid, great looking table with the option of new-tech elements such as data/power access ports, pop-up lighting, and concealed storage. Finishes range from durable, functional laminates, bold metallics, to traditional fine wood veneers with patterns or inlays. A huge palette of woods and colors are available, including the most exquisitely figured mahogany, walnut, ebony, etc. Various styles of pedestal bases and legs available.

Specialized Tables

All of the pictured tables are designed to display informational panels or architectural models, but can easily be adapted to other purposes or fitted with solid table tops and serve as occasional tables.

Workstations & Reception Desks

Here's just a sample of the wide variety of stations we produce. Pictured (from top down) are:

  • Mahogany speaker's lecturn (on casters)
  • Water resistant cubbies for use near a pool
  • Coffee service station
  • TV presentation station in a conference room
  • Laminate desk workstation with cubbies (extends around room)
  • Reception desk (black Formica, aluminum trim, mahogany surround
  • Cabinet for TV monitor with Wii game console (theft resistant)
  • Ergonomic topper for laptop cart (w/drink holder, pen holder, storage)

A large reception atrium features two long cabinets made of bamboo and sapele (similar to mahogany). The counters are graphite color laminate, with pop-up data/power ports in each central unit. These units contain computers that control flat panel monitors, so we designed ventilation slots, concealed where the segments meet (see photo below). 

Each cabinet has two desk cavities where a greeter may sit and work comfortably.
A snack bar, featuring a curved countertop and mahogany panel.

The workbench (left) is on casters and was designed for a repair technician.

An existing niche (below) was re-purposed as a food service area. Verdant created the special shaped laminate countertop and support system which holds a great deal more weight than appearances may suggest.

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