Custom Fabrication: Finished Goods and Sub-assemblies

Laminate and Veneer Work

Verdant works with standard and metallic laminates, as well as the full range of wood veneers. Exotic surfaces are a specialty. Curves and unusual shapes are no problem.

Verdant also fabricates various specialized brackets, tabs, sign parts, etc. with plastics and acrylic, wood, metal, composites. If you have an unusual item to make, chances are we have a solution. 

Shown below are wood & metal tabs to hold graphics, translucent drop-ceiling panels, custom door pull and plate, fluted wood column brackets, and detail shots of wood parts.

Custom Doors

This door features translucent panels with reeds and a central pivot mechanism, allowing gentle hand pressure to rotate the door either direction. A hidden magnet keeps door aligned shut when desired. Click lower photo for a quick video demo.

Click above photo for VIDEO.

If you have an unconventional setting (as at left) but just need a stock commercial door, we will stain to color and install with custom made casing and hardware tailored to the surroundings.

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