Welcome! Designers and Wholesale Clients

Years of working with fellow professionals has taught us the importance of making YOU look good to YOUR client, which keeps you coming back to us.

Design Assistance

If you have a concept and would like to discuss what is feasible at a certain cost, or drawing plans of a custom piece, we can help. We make a major effort to keep up with the latest design trends and technology so we can contribute the maximum impact to a project.

Important Requirements

  • For unfamiliar new clients, we request documentation (e.g. license, letterhead, cards).
  • All clients please provide yearly a current Florida D.O.R. Sales Tax certificate (a copy made out to Verdant Designs, Inc. and signed/dated) or other legal exemption. Otherwise, we must charge sales tax. 

Payment Terms

Checks, cash, Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx accepted. Established clients: Purchase Orders and Invoice up to 30 day terms. Deposit required on larger jobs. 

Pricing Policy

Most products can be offered at a substantial percentage off typical retail. Our goal has always been to provide quality equal or better than competitors, at a reasonable price. We honestly try to accomodate your budgetary goals by offering creative solutions.


Installation and other services are billed at $60 per "man hour". Brief jobs or locations beyond urban Jacksonville incur trip charges of $45/first hour and $40/add'l hour.



Scheduling Projects

Lead times vary with workload, so please call at the first stages of planning so we can work out the best scenario. Parts fabrication, laminate work, and picture framing often takes 2 weeks or less. Volume projects and fine furniture sometimes require 6-8 weeks or more, but please check. Once a deadline is established, we will meet it.

Current Lead Times:

We are fully booked until June 4th. Gary is available to discuss projects by phone or email until then. As of June 5th, we can meet in person and lead times on projects should be favorable. Please contact, as things change often.



Telluride Furniture Maker

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Please use our contact form and we will email or call you back shortly.



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