Blade Sharpening Services

Gary has been sharpening knives for 35 years. Originally trained to sharpen chef's knives for numerous restaurants in Florida, he learned to do scissors and woodworking tools as well. Please call or text [729.9200] for details regarding price, turnaround time, and pickup arrangements. Housecalls available, 6 blade minimum plus transit fee based on location and time.


  • Hand sharpening:  no high-speed electric grinding, which can ruin a knife or reduce it's lifespan to just a few sharpenings. Only as necessary, a very dull or improperly beveled blade may be ground with a LOW speed grinder with special fine abrasives that will not damage the blade. 
  • Familiarity with high-end cutlery and razor-sharp results every time
  • Proper sharpening helps blades last much longer and makes them a pleasure to use.



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