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Four Corners collection

In four decades of exploration of the American southwest, Gary has pursued images of lesser-known wild places. The header photo of this website is sliced from a 2011 digital image of Angel's Landing in Zion Nat'l Park, a place that epitomizes the concept of "verdant" for which the company is named. After climbing to the top of this forbidding pinnacle, Gary shot photos on slide film as an homage to the "old school" technology that seems much more magical. All of the images below are from slides (mostly Kodachrome) with no manipulation of any kind and are available as premium gloss prints or giclee prints on heavy art paper. To do justice, large size prints -- minimum 24x36 -- make a real impact as the focal point of a room. We offer fine custom matting and framing as well. Contact us for current pricing and to view larger samples (resolution of your print will be much higher than samples below).




(right) Angel's Landing, Zion Nat'l Park, Utah


Coming soon: new series of photos from Utah and Nevada.

"Goblin Valley" Paria river, Utah
"Chama Moon" New Mexico
"Waterpocket Fold" Utah
"Sand Geyser" Utah
"Ghost Ranch" New Mexico
"Yucca" Utah
"Storm at Grosvenor" Utah
"Buckskin Gulch" Arizona
"Buckskin Wall" Arizona

Other U.S. Locations

"Cadillac Ranch" Texas

Art Photos by Jen

Winter Mountaineering, Presidential Range, NH
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